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The Grayhawk Story

The idea of Grayhawk came from a series of simple insights about what really matters to families and the gap we knew we had to fill.

In 2015 when we started speaking with successful people about managing wealth, we heard incredible stories: about families, their challenges, and their dreams. We heard about the desire to look across generations to secure future success; we heard about the burden of complexity and the risk of missing out on opportunities. And we heard about trust – the desire to work in an open way, knowing that every decision was being made for their benefit.

We designed Grayhawk to be a different kind of Chief Investment Office (CIO). One that offers clients independent expertise and advice, with access to investment opportunities not typically available to private investors. We aim to provide a superior, long term, risk-adjusted return based on your wealth goals. And we fundamentally believe that it all starts with relationships built on trust.

With Sagard Holdings as our major shareholder, this also affords the opportunity for unique access to one of the most vibrant entrepreneur ecosystems in Canada.

Our team of professionals are all here because they believe in what we do – each with their own story about why our mission matters to them.

At Grayhawk, our mission is to curate a holistic wealth strategy for you, one that empowers you to crystalize your personal vision of impact and achieve your goals.

Our values

Our five values guide how we behave and work together to deliver on our purpose. They are core to who we are and how we will serve our clients, our community and each other.

The people of Grayhawk share a common set of values that shape our behaviour and create our culture; values that, we live every day in our work and with our families.



We partner, listen and share with empathy and humility.


We build and nurture trusting relationships that empower others.


We lead with openness and sincerity. We are accountable for our actions.


We leverage innovation with determination and agility.


We thoughtfully, yet boldly, curate solutions that endure.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is our “why” – its our reason for being and all the things we stand for as an organization. It’s unique to us and is timeless. It is our North Star that guides our decisions as we strive to achieve our long term goals.

We exist to empower client’s wealth purpose and accelerate impact.

Our Promise

Our Promise is the experience our clients can expect to receive every single time they interact with us. Every employee plays an important role in delivering this experience and ensuring we earn client’s confidence, loyalty, and trust.

We promise to curate strategies to accelerate your wealth goals.



Launched with our first family.


Established Toronto office.


Established Montreal office.


Grayhawk benefits from a strategic partnership with Sagard Holdings, an alternative asset investor and business builder, positioning us for continued growth with expanded expertise across Canada.


Grayhawk has an established ecosystem of over 75 clients, coast to coast, with offices in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.