Grayhawk’s Approach Resembles the Work of a Sommelier – The Value of True Independence

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By Michael Kaumeyer

“Many firms will refer to themselves as independent,” observes our chief investment officer, Greg Gipson, in the above video outtake. “In our mind, true independence is a full alignment in the interests of clients without any form of incentivization with an outside party.”

I love Greg’s observation, because it speaks to Grayhawk’s value proposition. The difference, in other words, between Grayhawk and virtually everyone else providing investment-management services to successful Canadian families.

Perhaps a more illustrative way to demonstrate our independence would be to compare building a wine collection and constructing a world-class investment portfolio.

In seeking a sommelier, one seeks a professional with solid training and experience, combined with a disciplined methodology and process. A proven track record and global reach are also essential. Ensuring alignment exists with one’s specific personal preferences would be another key.

One would look for someone who can evaluate and source all the best wine regions of the world—all varietals, terroir, vintages, and drinkability, with a sharp focus on potential long-term value. If the sommelier could bring an element of purchasing power through customer aggregation, that would also be additive.

Presumably one would want their sommelier to be free of bias and not affiliated with a particular regional winery, in an arrangement that included direct compensation.

Finally, imagine if, for about the same cost or less as the domestic option, one could hire the sommelier from a Michelin three-star restaurant. Would that not be an arrangement worth exploring?

The inherent benefits of independence are patently obvious in the sommelier example, but very poorly understood or acknowledged in the process of selecting a firm to manage one’s investments.

For over five years Grayhawk has been telling our story in a way that always starts with the independence of mind and action. That’s foundational to who we are. The primary importance of unbiased manager assessment and client-centric outcomes is something that makes us unique today.  

That’s the Grayhawk difference.

Michael Kaumeyer is the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Grayhawk. Interested in learning more? Please contact Mike at

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