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Dominique Poirier

Regional Coordinator, Quebec

When I first heard about Grayhawk, I felt like I was on the same page as the company. The sense of family is extremely important to me and Grayhawk puts that value at the heart of its mission.”


Known for being a great team player, Dominique emphasizes emphasizes her leadership skills to ensure efficient delivery of projects of projects. She excels at organizing work which haswhich has a positive impact on the leaders around her while building strong trust relationships. Her creativity in finding solutions allows her to innovate business strategies from a different perspective. In addition, her bilingualism allows her to work with different types of clients and stakeholders in the business community.

Nature is a great passion for Dominique, and many of her hobbies are related to it. Mushroom picking is one of them. Passionate about horses, she spends most of her free time in the stable or riding. This allows her to live in the present moment just as these magnificent animals do naturally. Visual art is also one of Dominique passions. Having studied visual art, museums and classical art are an integral part of her general culture.

Connect with Dominique

Direct: 514 447 7099
Main: 877 665 9951