Michael Kaumeyer and Peter Mann, Co-Chief Executive Officers, Montreal, QC

Investment Management Services

Our investment team has developed a disciplined and systematic approach to the allocation of capital and risk across global public and private markets. The goal is to provide a superior, long-term, risk-adjusted return for our families.

Our investment philosophy is built on four solid principles:


Total alignment with the interests of our families


Strong performance in down markets


Clear and objective expertise


Open communication forges stronger partnerships

Building a resilient portfolio is foundational to our investment approach

We know with certainty that every investment incurs some level of risk, but our focus is on taking measured levels of risk to realize a sufficient level of return to meet our families’ long-term objectives. Our strategy focuses on protecting from loss while participating in growth opportunity. From the inception of our strategy, we have provided above-market returns with lower volatility.


The building blocks of the Grayhawk investment:

Strong Foundation

Active management of low-cost global equity and fixed income investments with thought-leading approaches to portfolio construction and risk allocation

Growth Potential

Active public market equity managers sourced from around the globe with proven ability to add value after fees

Income Generation

Globally-sourced, active fixed income managers allow us to generate regular income using various credit, yield and duration exposures

Alternative Returns

Sources of return that do not duplicate traditional public markets provide access to opportunities typically closed to many families

“As every family faces different challenges and objectives, our investment approach allows us to customize investment solutions to meet their unique near and long-term goals.”
Greg Gipson. MSc EESORChief Investment Officer

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