Client Advisory Services

Making the complex simple, without compromising on quality is one of the most common challenges successful families struggle with. They tell us about complicated and time-consuming coordination, inability to identify and access the best advisors, and the risk associated with fragmentation are all concerns that led us to offer fully facilitated, shared Client Advisory Services.

An approach that matches the needs and preferences of each family

Each Family Office engagement adapts to how each family wants to manage their financial affairs. Some prefer to work through a Grayhawk manager while others want to maintain more involvement in the family’s capital planning and execution.

Client advisory services

  • Needs assessment 
  • Coordination of advisor due diligence & selection process 
  • Multi-disciplinary advisor facilitation
  • Grayhawk-curated knowledge resources & thought leadership
“Moving to a more coordinated approach to managing wealth has been liberating for so many of our families. It’s not just about convenience and saving time; it’s about improving overall capital performance and mitigating the risk of something falling through the cracks.”.
Allison ComeauChief Operations Officer

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