Larry Saltsman with family, Muskoka, Ontario
A client family, Muskoka, Ontario

Affinity Services

Well-being is at the core of our relationship with families and shapes the services we offer. Grayhawk Affinity Services is an invitation-only benefits program, adding enhanced value and recognition exclusively for our families and associates.

These services reflect our creativity in finding new ways to engage your family as stewards of more than just your financial wealth; the real value of health and the enjoyment of life. As a services participant, families are invited to enjoy curated experiences and resources, supported by our partners, and to share in the Grayhawk purpose to help successful families experience the true value of wealth.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, among the world’s leading luxury hospitality groups, joins our Affinity Services community.

Four Seasons, an iconic Canadian brand that believes life is richer when we truly connect to the people and world around us, offers our families a preferred guest experience, and the opportunity to enjoy the best that Canada has to offer:

Dialogue’s humanized healthcare platform welcomed for Grayhawk families.

We are pleased to introduce our families to Dialogue, one of the leading telemedicine company’s in Canada and globally. Through our exclusive Affinity Services, families benefit from the leading Dialogue platform, bringing high-quality healthcare delivered with expertise, convenience and warmth.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing family and to the Affinity Services experience.