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Dennis Bobyk

Portfolio Manager

Working with highly successful families over the years, I’ve come to realize that the landscape offered hardly any solutions that were truly well suited to meet their specific needs. In many cases and as a consequence of outdated incentive structures, the unspoken truth is that the family is fitted to the product.
When hearing about Grayhawk for the first time, I immediately understood that they had keen appreciation of these deficiencies and saw an opportunity to address them. I saw people who wanted to rethink the standards, raise the bar and I am exceedingly proud to be a part of that.

Dennis is an Investment Management Lead and has committed the entirety of his career to helping wealthy families achieve their investment objectives. He is exceptionally passionate about financial markets and investments and he believes in cultivating strong and sincere relationships that will stand the test of time with all the people he works with.

Dennis brings over 10 years of investment management and capital markets experience to Grayhawk. Prior to joining Grayhawk, he spent several years overseeing public market investments for the family office of a prominent entrepreneur where he was responsible for developing and implementing a broad range of investment strategies for several multi-asset class portfolios including that of a charitable foundation. Prior to that, he also worked as an investment analyst performing fundamental equity research to identify investment opportunities for a large portfolio invested in domestic and foreign securities. He began his career at RBC Phillips, Hager & North where he worked with two seasoned portfolio managers to develop investment strategies for wealthy families.

Dennis is fluent in four languages and holds an MBA degree from Concordia University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and is a member of the Montreal CFA Society.

Dennis lives in Montreal and enjoys being active. In the winter months, he is an avid skier and can be found on the slopes of Mont Tremblant while in the summer he enjoys bicycling, gardening and motorcycle adventures.