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Damien Zappulla

Senior Investment Operations Associate

I have always aimed for operational excellence to deliver a unique experience and for challenging the status quo as a way to keep moving forward. Working at Grayhawk allows me to accomplish these goals as part of a team of talented professionals. As life is not a long calm river, I take pride in my contribution to investment operations as a way to have a positive impact on the life of Canadian families who entrust Grayhawk.

Damien joined Grayhawk as a Senior Investment Operations Associate and is integral to the operations team. He strongly believes in automation to mitigate risks and to improve the execution of processes. By proactively identifying opportunities for enhancements and by being a champion of change, Damien strives to provide a best-in-class experience for our Grayhawk Canadian families who have entrusted Grayhawk in managing their wealth.

Damien is French and he embarked in his Canadian journey eager to explore the wild beauty and immensity of Canada. The diversity of cultures represented in Canada convinced him to stay for a new start. He is bilingual in both English and French and he has over 10 years of Canadian experience working in financial services.

Prior to joining Grayhawk, he worked over 3 years at a major Canadian bank where he developed a strong understanding of retail banking products. He also gained over 6 years of experience in operations by having the opportunity to work for two of the world’s leading asset managers. He has working experience with multiple investment vehicles including mutual funds and hedge funds. Throughout his professional experience, Damien has been actively involved in promoting inclusion and diversity by raising awareness about other cultures to his colleagues.

He holds a master’s degree in business engineering from Kedge Business School (France) and a university degree in electrical and computer engineering from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (France). He is a Chartered Investment Manager and is a level III CFA exam candidate.

Damien enjoys travelling and exploring other countries as an opportunity to expand his horizon and to develop a mindset open to the world. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.