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Claire Lynch

Relationship Lead

“Grayhawk’s vision and mission of ‘Families First’ is what drew me into discussion with them. The integrity of their approach and execution is what lead me to join the team. Having sat at a table with many of Canada’s wealthiest families in the past five years, I understand the issues and opportunities that come with the responsibility of stewarding significant wealth, and I see in Grayhawk the single most comprehensive, independent and objective solution of any in its industry. Grayhawk is a true partner and fierce advocate for its families in their bid to preserve wealth and to grow legacy over generations. I am delighted to have the opportunity to tell the Grayhawk story, confident in the knowledge that it is the very best interests of the families we serve.”

Claire will grow Grayhawk by continuing to build relationships with families and by enhancing Grayhawk’s value proposition.

Claire has over twenty years of experience in relationship management and business development in non-profit and corporate sectors. Before joining the Grayhawk team, she was Vice President, Canada, for TIGER 21, a USA-based, boutique, peer learning organisation for high-net-worth entrepreneurs and investors. In this capacity, she led TIGER 21’s growth in Canada, achieving a fourfold increase in membership in five years.

In previous roles, Claire has led significant growth and change through capital development in the non-profit health and education sectors in the UK and in Canada.

With an honours degree in English and Psychology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Claire started her working life as an English teacher before answering a call to value-based organisational leadership and development.

Claire is born and raised in Zimbabwe and cherishes her African roots. Equally, she is proud to be Canadian having immigrated to British Columbia with her family in 2004. Her other full-time job has been raising four sons, now all young adults, three at Universities in BC and one flying high for the BC Park and Pipe Team on his ‘gap’ year.

Claire is delighted to have the opportunity to lead the expansion of Grayhawk in Western Canada.